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In my opinion, files that you develop from Canon G1X are much cleaner than other files from other cameras with sharper IQ sensors. Looking at your actual blogroll, many pics I love are from G1X. Some DP1 files were clean as well, with a "graphic/architecture render style". Nonetheless I would say that the incredible detail rendition obtained from X3 Foveon sensors pushes you to shoot and develop photographs instead of "Gianni-Galassi-pictures". What do you think about it?

I can't help agreeing with you.
No doubt I have happily been in a more graphic mood for several years in the last decade. And now I find myself (back?) in a more photo-graphic mood, with as much happiness as a matter of fact.
Is the tool biasing the mood, or viceversa? Of course the tool one uses plays a huge role in determining the result of the process. Nonetheless one chooses his tools according to his mood, needs, desire and dreams. And although I don't always know exactly what gear I'd want to use tomorrow, I always know precisely what gear doesn't suit me at all. Which is a good start, isn't it?

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