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Beautiful work. The tomalities are just sumptuous.

Thank you David.
I gladly cash your flattering words.
I must add, though, that this result is also made possible by the unique rendition of the Sigma DP-Merrill cameras' Foveon X3 sensor.
It takes a little while to explore and learn its potential, but once you get used to it you are spoiled into addiction.
I'm currently trying to start a friendship with the new Fujifilm X-T1, but as far as daylight low-ISO monochrome imaging is concerned I couldn't get the same rendition so far.
But I'm a stubborn guy, so who knows?

You've contracted Fuji fever as well?! I have just started to recover from it myself and as much as I would like to be diagnosed with a case of Sigma Syndrome, their cameras' lack of any serious long-exposure capability has successfully stymied my efforts to date.

As always with your work, these two photos are nicely seen and captured. I'm envious of your ability to find such interesting subjects and do them such justice with your photos.

JG (or can I call you Jeffrey, please?),
this is how it went: I was trying to purchase the Olympus 12-40 f2.8 zoom, but my gear-pusher couldn't manage to have one unless bundled in a kit with the Olympus E-M1 body. Since I was a little pissed with the crappy buttons of my E-M5 (whose IQ, on the other hand, I was totally happy with) and curious about the E-M1's EVF I said "OK, Riccardo, get me the body+lens kit." The E-M5 was traded in, of course.
Now, there is nothing wrong with the E-M1. I mean, it's very well built, delivers outstanding IQ, the new EVF sings and autofocus speed is jawdropping. But for heaven's sake, all those buttons! I'm sixty years old now and when I learnt photography cameras where so different than that, they were like... Wait a second, here is what they looked like: like a Fuji X-T1!
Shortly said, this is the story.
Am I in the middle of the Fuji fever? I don't think so. The X-T1 has its shortcomings (very few of them, I must say) and a lot to praise: physical dials, overall user interface, physics, layout, build quality (despite a couple of shameful details). As for IQ, I'm currently in the process of learning how I can get the best out of its odd sensor. And as a Sigma user, odd sensors are something I'm familiar with ;-) Anyway, my two year old grandson Andrea's pictures I took in the last two weekends are quite good to me. And keep in mind that Andrea is the main reason I need a camera like this.
That said, I can state that for my photography Micro Four Thirds was more than enough. I only needed to have a "true" camera with physical speed, aperture, iso and exposure-compensation dials again in my hands. And now it's there at last.
As for my urban oddities, your photographs are a daily source of inspiration to me and surely to many other photographers all over the world. But thank you for your appreciation.

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