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Top Notch

Thank you, Massimo.
I like the idea of an M9 shot mixed together with two G15 pictures, showing the same grayscale and overall rendition.
Arguably the camera one uses is more about the input than the output of the image processing. That is, it concerns the photographer way more than the viewer.

We live in an era where the good photographer must be a fine developer maybe even more than in the analog times. The unbelievable potential of current developing applications makes the job harder than it seems: you can easily destroy dynamics, have oversharpened images, or even have much more dirt in your nice tiff file than in an old pushed Tri-X 400 pic.
Gianni, you perfectly imagine your post production on every shot, and you know exactly how to obtain what you imagined before. So (to the viewer) a G-15 is a possible competitor to an M-9.
IMHO this is your most relevant and enviable skill.

I totally agree with you: the power of current photo-editing applications, along with the astonishing increase in cameras' dynamics and detail rendition, requires photographers to be, more than ever, thorough and competent craftsmen.
It's a long and painstakingly process that teaches you how to take the best out from what you actually have, instead of unceasingly longing for better, newer, trendier tools.
Which doesn't stop us from being gear enthusiasts too. But that's another story, and doesn't have much to do with the creative imaging process.
Oh, by the way, thank you for your appreciation.

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