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Il trionfo dell'essenzialità. Stupenda Gianni.

(santo cielo, ma che fatica capire come fare a scrivere qualcosa qui! :-D )

...ma ti pare una lingua comprensibile?
Ci ho messo un'eternità a leggere, altro che nanosecondo! (Sarò lievemente ignorante?)
"In Venice" quando?

I love your graphic minimalist style

Gianni, what do you mean by "...whose members can post their rectangular photographs (landscape or portrait) into an invisible square grid."

Are you referring to Flickr's automatic generation of square thumbnails? Or something else?

what I mean is that the available space in Flickr for the photographs to be posted is 500x500. Therefore users can post, say, a 350x500 (landscape), or a 500x350 (portrait) or a gorgeous 500x500 (square, or 1:1).

Ah ha, you mean the default maximum dimensions for Flickr's image "permalink" pages (expropriating a term from the blogosphere), e.g. http://www.flickr.com/photos/giannigalassi/4179355050/

I thought perhaps you were influenced by this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/giannigalassi/sets/72157622678744509/


Well, that too.
Those huge squares made of tiny squares are very stimulating, aren't they?

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