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Thanks so much for exposing me to Mr. Friel's work (art!). For me, it is "clearer," illustrates, instructs, edifies more than 100 razor-sharp mediocrities.

Personally I think you and mr. Friel make a point and a big one as well. It's not about 2400 lines resolution, it's not about image noise up to 6400 iso, it's not about image quality, it's all about picture quality, and that is not produced by a camera but by a photographer. It comes from within, it's generated by the subject that passes through the brain and heart of a photographer and gets expressed via the lens, the camera, the computer and uses all of the limitations of the system as challenges to create that picture that takes you breath away or makes you stop and wonder. By the way Gianni I am reusing my old Nikon glass on the GF1 now via a Novoflex adapter, great fun!

Greetings, Ed

Ed, I'm happy you are having fun. Unfortunately I sold all my Nikon equipment -including lenses- a couple of years ago. I used to own non-AI glasses from the fifties, which I would be curious to test on my GF1 now, although the few tests I made by mounting past-generation-design optics on digital bodies (Epson R-D1, Leica M8, Panasonic G1 and GF1) left me quite disappointed so far. No doubt such odd couples deliver interesting results under an aesthetic point of view, but even for a non-technophile user as I am there are flaws that are uncompatible with my image style: lateral chromatic aberration, geometric distortion, vignetting. Not to mention the cost of a properly built adapter, and the resulting bulk. Yet I'm sure I would follow your path, if those old Nikon lenses were still in my cabinet. Because photography is all about having fun.

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