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Hello to you Gianni,

Nice and good review of the P7000.
Your right in everything you say !

Next week i'm going to NY, i thought i take this camera with me. But...no. I will take my good and safety D3 with me !

So are you going to return it, Gianni?


no, I sold it to somebody who wanted it notwithstanding my criticism.

The main feature of the P7000 is that it will do 28-200mm AND do ISO 800. I have a Ricoh GX-100 which can match both of these two cameras (G11 and P7000) at 28-72mm (below ISO 200), as will a host of simular sized cameras . The Nikon P7000 fits the bill as a smallish camera with 1 lens - able to do wide angle to 200mm and has a good small sensor. Nothing else on the market does what it can - so it’s better than the Canon for its price.

I'm very far from being a brand worshipper, so Canon, Nikon or whatever the name is absolutely irrelevant to me.
Based on my real world experience I only can say that Nikon didn't manage to achieve a serious competitor in that segment, as the P7000, compared to Canon, is objectively poorly built and its lens doesn't deliver the same image quality. You could object that Nikon's is a 28-200 equivalent. Well, Canon G10's 28-140 equivalent is enormously better, despite having been designed in 2008 and being coupled with a higher resolution sensor of the same size. Three years later Nikon could have done better than that.

A super critical review and unwarranted to some extent. My experience with the new P7000 is much different from yours. Poorly made with poor optics? Wow, how different my test results. No need to go farther. I just don't view your test as something others should rely on. I would suggest they try the camera for themselves and make their own conclusions. I bet for many they would be a lot different. What my conclusion was after reading your article is that your biases are showing. I don't get the impression at all that you are not brand aware. I think it shows.

thank you for publicly objecting to my conclusions.
As I stated, my review only refers to the actual specimen I purchased. Perhaps I was unlucky and received one affected by early-production flaws that Nikon was going to address later on. What I can say is that my real-world test files strongly showed what I described, the autofocus problems has also been experienced by a friend photographer who bought one in the same days and build quality can be easily evaluated by simply holding the unit for a while (and this is something Nikon couldn't address).
As for my being brand aware, you are right: I must confess that I have a soft spot for Nikon, always had and, hopefully, will have (but this depends on Nikon, not me).

I think Nikon should stop trying to emulate Canon and carve itself a niche in the midrange and in the top end next to Leica. I think the P7000 is a camera designed and instigated by marketing professionals and not by engineers. Douglas Coupland calls these people "the Pollpots of marketing" (Microserves) and my experience as a software test professional lets me spot a market driven piece of crap within minutes. Same for Pana by the way, I do not believe that engineers where involved in the specs of the GF2. When I see that camera, all I hear in the back of my mind, is a marketing manager yelling..."why is our camera bigger than the Nex5, why doesn't it have FullHD, come up with a smaller camera ASAP and we don't care how you do it. And it has to be manufactured 20% cheaper then the GF1 so lose the knobs and switches". Technically you call that "repackaged technology", "old wine in new bottles" (as a Dutch proverb says). But a good product (like the GF1 or a Nikon F) has some soul put into it, that soul makes it into a trailblazer for a company, so changing it into something new and better takes time. It took Nikon 10 years to come up with the F2.....Pana came up with the GF2 in 14 month. These product cycles are simply too fast, the pressures on the design teams are simply too big, corners get cut, compromises get made, out comes a chimera GF1/G2 that I personally would not even consider buying. But that is Anglosaxon style management versus Rheinland style management. Therefore I like Leica's so much these days......they have their quircks and shortcomings, but when you pick one up you can see, feel and smell that this a camera build by engineers not by marketing execs.

gianni...i'm havin same problem as you are

I'm on my 3rd P7000 and it left for repairs again yesterday.
Lens cover blades problems. The first 2 cameras were replaced as they were new and the last one gave up after a little over 4000 photos. I love the camera... but besides the blade problems which is a common issue, the slow NRW (RAW) which only works with a few softwares ( Lightroom 3, CS5, Thumbs 4 Plus,), the white balance that goes wild after a few picture (you have to work with NRW if your photos are important), the camera is not reliable and was put on the market without some real testing other than give away gifts to review writers. Trying to catch up to the G12?
I have a camera around my neck all day long except when I shower and go to bed and even then, when it's new and I love it I take it to bed with me like a new gift like when I was a kid. Today I'm sad and I'm seriously thinking about buying another one today after I finish this article. I have bought every imaginable accessories for that camera, (SB400, wide angle lens, 2 extra batteries, tube to use 52 mm filters, etc) and I prefer that instead of my 3 DSLRs. I should buy an extra one so I would have a chance of having one around my neck while the other is on it's way from or to to repairs. Nikon people in Toronto are very king, professional and understanding but without a P&S camera, I'm like a cab driver without his car. If you want a P7000, get a deal for 2 and cross your fingers.

I'm fit to be locked up ...just got my 4th P7000.
The 2 first ones bugged up in less than 2 weeks
Lens blades problems and were replaced by a new
ones, the third has left for repairs a week ago for
the same problems and they don't know when they'll
get the parts. Lens Blades issue, battery compartment,
white balance going off for no reasons. I bought the
4th one because I have invested in every imaginable
accessories, lens tube, wide angle lens, batteries,
SB400 flash (My SB600 and 900 were too big)
I'm close to 1,700.CN$ invested in 2 cameras in order
to have one (if I'm lucky) working while the other is
on it's way to or from repairs.
It’s unthinkable of selling, I would need to find a looser
to buy all the stuff if I don’t want to be one myself.
This morning I have received a "loaner" from Nikon. I'm glad because the one I bought last friday 4th one started acting up Sathurday, locked up open ...has to removed and replaced the battery to unlock.
This happened twinse in 15 min.
I'm waiting for the one in "repair" (no parts) Nikon as decided to give me one as a good will present and send it at the same time as my repair, the new one will leaver for repairs with the "loaner" so I'll 3 when they are all fixed in order to have ONE I hope will till one or 2 are at the repair shop. Good thing I'm not a race car driver.

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