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Great review, Gianni - and I can feel your emotion! "...LCD monitor of the swiveling type (darn, I really hate this!) or via the usual G series' crappy drinking-straw sized optical viewfinder, which is even crappier than before thanks to the lens that partly obstructs the field from wide through middle focal lenghts. Shame on you, Canon!" LOL!! But so true! The picture is excellent - I am really attracted to the detail on the columns.

Nice review Gianni, but honestly I was more astonished by the top image. Love it because it stays on the abstract side, but it gives you a kind of 3D feel, very nice colours too.

as you certainly know I am perversely nuts about fine mechanics.
Every know and then I am struck by the suspect that photography, for me, is an excuse to buy and use cameras.

Hey, I'm just kidding...

that 3D feel is to be credited to the awesome lighting conditions I found at the moment.
As usual, it's all about light and shadow.

Am I to assume from this review that, despite the excellent example photo, you were not entirely delighted by your Canon G1X experience? If so, what would you recommend that someone who wants an excellent-yet-affordable, compact, carry everywhere camera should use? Or is it that you yourself are still searching?

I'm definitely satisfied with the G1X as far as image quality is concerned. Under this point of view it can arguably be considered as an excellent-yet-affordable carry-(almost)everywhere camera. What leaves me slightly unsatisfied is its build quality, finishing and detail design.
But you must be aware that I'm perversely nuts about precisely-machined-and-finished tools. No matter it's a screwdriver, a pencil, a motorcycle, a computer or a camera, I NEED it to be well done. Briefly, I think that a good camera should be tough and dense like a gun (although I hate guns, but I unvoluntarily served in the Army so I know what I mean). Nikon F-series, Leica M-series, Rolleiflex TLRs, Hasselblad C-series, screw-mount Pentaxes, just to mention a few examples, are seriously built tools. Whereas most digital cameras aren't.
Canon G 10 is close to perfection in this instance. As a matter of fact, I regret having sold mine, and I confess that now I'm tempted to look for one in Ebay, because I miss its balance between ruggedness, compactness, ergonomics, resolution, portability, unobtrusiveness.
The final word:
Excellent-yet-affordable and reasonably compact? Go for the G1X, a camera delivering awesome IQ up to ISO 1600, and great IQ above that.
Compact-carry-everywhere, gorgeously built? Go for the G10. It was the best (and only) in its class when it hit the market in 2008. IQ is great up to ISO 400, and declines above that.
Moreover both cameras sport the same awful-yet-useful optical viewfinder, something that sometimes turns up to be very handy.

Steve Huff complained about autofocus on the X Pro1 btw.....in the dark it wouldn't focus at all and in the light it was kinda slow.

Greetings, Ed

as promised, I'll post my X-Pro 1 quick review one of these days.
You are right anyway, the X-Pro 1 shows the same autofocus sluggishness as the X-100 (maybe worst), especially in low light conditions.

Hi, Gianni: I love your pictures--talk about precision!--and also your reviews of equipment. You were a big fan of the X100, but I notice you don't list it among your current favorites, above. Have you given up on Fiji?

thank you for your appreciation.
No, I didn't give up the Fuji X-100, which I still consider one of the best cameras I have ever owned. It even beats the X-Pro 1 under several points of view. Except, of course, for its (awesome) fixed lens.

Bit cheeky asking this here - I am visiting Tuscany for 6 weeks, and my wonderful partner dropped my beloved G10

Fortunately I had been thinking about the G1X.

Can you suggest anywhere in Italy that I could purchase the camera at a reasonable cost?

I have seen as low as £470 in the UK?


Steve C,
it's not cheeky at all.
I don't know about Tuscany, but if you happen to come in Rome you could try those two shops:

Via Germanico, 168
06 320 7278

La Placa
Via Val Trompia 12/18
06 8173765

I don't suggest my supplier as he only fulfills advance orders.

As for the price, Italian best shops usually price their products the same figures than in the USA, except that it's euros instead of dollars.

Your photos are awe inspiring ,what a great eye you have for a photo!I can visulaize any one of your photos on a huge canvas in an Art Gallery.Every time i visit your site
I must go out and take lots of photos.

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