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My dear Gianni, are you trying to bring a premature end to our friendship? First of all, whilst standing at a cold and wet train station I read "when shooting in bright light -a customary condition in my photography" - customary?! I believe we had sunshine here about four months ago... And then on top of that jealousy-inducing remark, you put my wallet under attack by adding that "if I had to give up all my cameras except one, I'd have no doubts: as of today, the Canon G15, equipped with a simple wrist-strap, would be my camera on the proverbial desert island."

Jokes aside, this was another excellent review - a real world review that will relate to the important things that matter to photographers, rather than all the technical stuff that matters most to people who write textbooks. Like you, I have and love the G10 and have never been attracted by its successors. And also like you (partly because of you!) I invested in the OM-D and have enjoyed it for its vastly smaller size compared to my 5d Mark II. But the OM-D is still large when measured against the size of my pocket so the search for the perfect day to day camera continues. I wonder if the G15 is it?

One thing I would add - that may or may not surprise you - but in my mind there's still nothing that can beat the 5d and a couple of L lenses when I'm out on a planned photo trip. For those occasions when I know I'll be taking pictures and I can prepare myself for the occasion, Carla the Canon remains my best girlfriend :-)

I'm so sorry for those unintentional assaults to your wallet.
As for the ideal lighting conditions for the G15 to perform at its best, be reassured: that little gem will easily crunch ISO 800 and, if the subject allows some visible grain, even a little more.
No, the sweet spot you have for your Canon rig doesn't surprise me at all. On the other hand a man has to make some physical activity at a certain age...

Hi Gianni.
Very interesting and well-balanced review. I particularly like the monochrome conversions. I have G15 and Silver Efex and you've encouraged me to give b@w a try with this combination.
Like you I find the OVF very useful at times, although it seems to be much maligned on review sites. There must be something in it for Canon to have persisted with it throughout the G series.
Have you tried the Sony RX100? Image quality seems outstanding but the camera itself is tiny and fiddly.
Will there ever be the perfect small camera...? Probably one day - perhaps on a phone!!!??

thank you for your appreciation.
In my experience the G10 files can safely bear even a "pushed" mono treatment. Better than those generated by the Fuji X100, for instance.
The G-series OVF has become a sort of lineup "signature", I think. On the other hand it's an almost costless feature that can attract many buyers, particularly out of the fussy blog writers and readers bunch.
As for the Sony RX100, I had one to test for a few days last summer. For my taste it's too flimsy, small and slippery. Its ergonomics are poor and file quality didn't impress me too much: they look too "digital", if you see what I mean, and their color rendition is far from being unquestionable.
But think positive, Neil: perhaps THE perfect small camera won't ever be created, but the marketplace looks like pointing straight in that direction. A phone camera? Hell, no. I hate answering calls while I'm out taking photographs.

Ahh, Gianni, Gianni, you're like the Piper of Hamelin...
To be honest, not more than three weeks ago I was roaming in a shop indulging over a couple of cameras and I was quite impressed by the Canon G15.
I'm not on the track at the moment, but I agree that it looks like the best compromise in the compact range at the moment, much more than its "sister" G1X and its aforementioned "cousin" Sony RX100 - Sony image processing delivers good files, but tends to add an artificial flavour.

By the way, Gianni, where has the "Cameras of my life" series gone? The last episode has left us in the middle of the Seventies, so we need a handful of updates.

my brain says "nobody needs a new camera", while my libido pushes me towards those new toys with fun and excitement. I think we can live with this contradiction after all. There is worst than this in the world, isn't there?
You are right, I'm overdue with the "Cameras of my life" series, along with (too) many other tasks. But I will resume it sooner or later.

Gianni, those are marvelous images of *abstract/architecture* on your current main page, and in Black&Blue, and elsewhere --really hits a chord w/me (and some to whom I've referred your site to)!!

Being in the market for a new tool --having been hit by a truck when cycling, myself, and the D40 & lens is gone, the LX3 injured with increasing signs of some internal damage--, I've read your keen reviews of the OM-D E-M5 and not G15 with interest. Yes, I know the advantage of being equipped, whenever --"the camera you have with you!" (and this doesn't mean you must choose but one (or even have only one with you!)).

But I'm sorry to see this reference to LuLa:
>>At the time, authoritative site Luminous Landscape found that G10's files could even not-so-unclosely match medium format Phase One 45+'s in terms of overall quality, perceived resolution and color rendition.<<
Yeah, many of us remember that bold assertion ; yet many chose to forget it when not much later, from the same site and defended by its owner, came the incredible (emphasis on "bull") claim that people could discern the difference **in small prints** between a Med.Format & top-level DSLR from 30 feet away !!! Funny, in that bold claim DR was cited as an unmissable difference favoring MF; whereas in the article you cite, it wasn't even MENTIONED, and here in larger prints, scrutinized expressly for discerning and guessing which camera!
(In a heated thread challenging the latter's (but not the former's!) assertion (of 30' notice), many further contradictions were made. It is truly a loss of credibility & integrity --there is no way around that, sorry.)
.:. A wise man smells something ugly in these LuLa utterances.


I'm sorry for your cycling accident. This is something I fear whenever I ride.
As for my reference to Luminous Landscape, I'm sorry (again) for your being sorry. I don't know the details of the controversy you refer to, and I'm definitely not interested in knowing them.
As anybody else, I read blogs all over the Internet but I'm not a fan nor a worshipper nor a follower of any blogger or author or reviewer whatsoever. Furthermore, in order to avoid taking part to any kind of partisanship or group-ship on the Net I keep myself out of Facebook and the like. I loathe being part of somebody else's cause and always ride alone, in both virtual and physical realities.
Regarding the Luminous Landscape post I recklessly quoted in my unpretentious Canon G15 review, I consider its G10/medium-format comparison as an hyperbole, of course, and not as a scientific statement.
So cheer up, Dan! I think there are bigger issues in this world to be sorry about. Don't you think so?
I have big news for you: photography can be fun!

PS: By the way, thank you so much for your flattering words about my photographs. I hope you will keep on liking them. I surely will do my best for this to happen.

Hi Gianni!

You really got me with your review! I will buy one right after work today!

Matta Persson, Sweden.

I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
If you can give up raw, the extended dynamics mode is very very effective.

Hi Gianni,

You took really great pictures! And I love what you've been doing with your G10 & G15. Great pictures doesn't mean a "big hi-end camera". I'm looking for small camera which will be always in my pocket/bag. G15 will be my option & your review makes my mind clear about it. Hope this G15 is great as you said.

Thanks :)

as far as technology is involved, Canon Gs are indeed hi-end cameras. Squeezing such an image quality out of such a small and compact unit involves more R&D than designing a huge pro-DSRL.
I'm quite sure the G15 will make you happy.

I'm in love with the physical appearance of this camera what more if I used this camera. Very powerful camera.

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