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Thank you for taking the time to write and share this review. It's clear that, despite its shortcomings, you have been able to produce excellent photos with it. The pros and cons you described are much more useful to me (and I suspect many others) than reviews full of tables, charts, graphs, and esoteric indices. Bravo!

Thank you Gordon. My pleasure.
I don't collect cameras, nor gauge them: I simply make them the companions of my everyday life. This will always be my approach.
And yours, my friend, as anybody can tell by browsing your blog (http://shutterfinger.typepad.com), which I like to only consider as temporarily paused.


Thank you for this straight forward and helpful review. I am still between the Fuji XT-1 and the Olympus OMD1 and wonder if there is anything that would make you return to the Olympus?

Have you tried any of the other Fuji X series cameras and think it's a better option than this one? I'm curious how the X-Pro 1 and XE-2 stand up, and if they may be a better option?

as a matter of fact I miss my old Olympus E-M5 (especially for family shots) and since I still have four Micro 4/3 lenses sitting in my closet, I could stumble upon a used black body. Who knows?
At the moment I'm mostly shooting Leica M Monochrom along with some M9-P. For black&white imaging the Monochrom outperforms the Sigma DP Merrills I have been using recently: it's like going back to silver halide black&white film, whith the flexibility of a modern, yet essential, digital tool. An exciting experience indeed.

as far as interchangeable lens bodies are concerned, besides the X-T1 I only had a chance to quickly try the X-Pro 1: you will find my impressions here:
I also reviewed the X100. Read here: http://giannigalassi.typepad.com/blog/2011/08/joy-machine-fujifilm-x100-real-world-review.html
For an opinion on the X100S, which I use every now and then, simply consider my X-100 review for the build/ergonomics/operational aspects of the camera, and my X-T1 in progress review for its image quality.

Your comments on the four way controller are accurate. Its horrible. I wanted to love the X-T1 after loving the X-E1 (and wanting an upgrade). I just can't deal w/ the four way controller though, so I'll wait for something else.

I definitely agree with you. Notwithstanding its extraordinary qualities, the X-T1 has flaws which would be unforgivable even in a lesser priced camera.
Whether they are to be considered as dealbrakers or not, it's a subjective evaluation. To my standards, they are.

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